Pranav's Letter

How to Automate Your Life to Be More Alive

Written with love by me, Pranav.

What People Are Saying

"Most of the 'good' newsletters I never get around to reading are too heavy. I see them in my inbox and I'm like, ugh... nope, don't have time for that...

Yours is just brief enough to where I don't feel resistance to click in, but substantial enough for me to find something interesting each time." - Nick Wignall
"A lot of your content is a reaffirmation that vulnerability of  every aspect of our lives is what makes it more flavorful and meaningful despite the inherent discomfort that comes along with it. No pain, no gain!" - Shireen Valli
"I love the winding path that you take us on; through a creative field that encourages us to get on our hands and knees and look at things with more intentionality and focus. Creativity is everywhere." - Nate Kadlac

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