Analyze the Art You Like

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Analyze the Art You Like

Embrace Your Lazy

Lazy Question for the Week

  1. What do your favorite movies say about you?
  2. What type of books and media do you consume?
  3. Who is it changing you into?

Sculpt Yourself

Analyze the Art You Like

You can learn so much from analyzing the art you like. I learn so much about myself, but also about my closest friends.

I wrote this short review of the movie collateral.

Collateral Review | Movie - Empire

Just analyzing why I didn’t like the movie said says so much about me.
Here it is:

“I have this running debate with a friend. Why does he like the movies he likes and why do I like the movie I do? We both love movies and sometimes we just hate each other's favorites. It perplexes me and fascinates me.

Much to his chagrin, I keep bringing this conversation back over and over again. Why this movie? How are we different?

I have concluded that he watches a movie and asks, " What did I think about this movie?" And instead, I ask "How did it make me feel?"

Neither is right or wrong, but I guess we look for what's missing in our lives. In my life, I am missing that emotional something. I go to the cinema to have my emotions played like a fiddle.

And although this was good and beautiful and stylish and well made, it didn't make me feel.

Not really.

Not the bubbling when you kiss her for the first time at golden hour on the beach or the dread when they look at you and say we have something to tell you

or the crying when somebody understands your pain so completely, so beautifully, that you walk out of theater convinced that you will spend the rest of your life trying to save people in just the same way.”

-My Letterboxd Review

Develop a Better Petri Dish

You are what you eat, so here’s some nutritious content:

  1. A New York Times article about how you can fall in love with a person if you answer these 36 Questions.
  2. A great video about How to Write Like Hunter S. Thompson

A quote I’ve been thinking about:

“So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” - Hunter S. Thompson

We are braving the storm of life. I’m not always happy. But I’m damn sure it’s better than the alternative.

Till next week,


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