Hope is Something You Give Yourself

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Another week bites the dust.

Welcome back to Your Lazy Sunday: A Newsletter to help you…

Embrace Your Lazy

Lazy Thought of the Week

You are what you pay attention to. This week, notice your noticing.

Who are you becoming?

Lazy Quote of the Week

Finished Avatar the Last Airbender this week. Here’s some gold from my favorite character on the show

In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself” -Uncle Iroh

Sculpt Yourself

Today I had my first mentor-writing group call as a part of David Perell’s course Write of Passage. I talked to 30 people about writing and facilitated an hour-long session
Today in honor of that, I wanted to bring out an old post about writing from my archives.

The article is about the one question you need to ask yourself to be a successful writer.

The question?

How can I win the game I am trying to play?

The question isn’t just for writers. It’s a good question for all of us to ponder. It’s universal.

This question is useful in all aspects of your life. Take conversations with your loved ones for example. What game are you trying to play there?

Are you trying to gloat, are you trying to show them who’s boss, or are you trying to communicate hurt?

Being aware of the game, lets you play it better.

Too often we operate from a raw place. We think we can knee jerk our way into something great. But usually, it doesn’t work that way. As I say in my post:

“Are you trying to make readers cry with your story? Are you trying to make them laugh out loud? Or are you trying to get published? All these are different games and you should learn to play one at a time. You need to understand what counts as a win for you. If x amount of people like your post will that count as a win? If your friend tells you that your blog post changed their life does that count as a win? These goals will change your tactics. You will obviously approach getting lots of likes differently than you would approaching change just one person’s life.”

Playing the game of trying to be right in the argument and playing the game of building a better relationship are two different games. Winning in each of them looks completely different.

Read the article here.

Develop a Better Petri Dish

  1. Ever looked up in the sky and asked, “Where is Everybody?” Or “Is there intelligent life out there?” Check out this long, but really interesting article about The Fermi Paradox from the peerless WaitbutWhy
  2. A 2-minute video where Ed Sheeran talks about the 10,000-hour rule. I loved the top youtube comment from camyra: “The master has failed more often than the beginner has even tried.” Isn’t that the truth?

Here is a splash of dark humor from the wonderful Alex Krosus:


Hope phase 2 is treating you well.

Till next time my lazy,

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